All Academy Challenge 2021

Greetings USMA77 Classmates!

Last year, USMA77 finished 4th/83 living classes in the All Academy Challenge.  Our goal this year is 77% participation, 522 class grads(it will be an Academy record).  This year’s Point Man is Mike Johnson, D-1!  We will post daily updates to the class forum on our great progress, and we’ll try to post information here as well.

Thanks to our great classmate, Steve Collier, for crafting the OPORD for this year’s competition(see below)!  

Special note- Pete Selleck asks that in the comment section we donate in memory of one of our deceased classmates(list below).  When we do so, AOG sends a note to the family alerting them a gift was made in their loved one’s name.  Esprit de Corps!!  GOARMY!!!  Beat NAVY and all the others!   

Rich Trotter, F-1/G-1 USMA77

1. Situation

a) General: 

1)The All Academy Challenge (AAC) is a friendly contest between graduates of five service academies to see who can reach the highest alumni giving rate over the course of five days – May 16 –   May 20.

2) Results from 2020 AAC:

·         Merchant Marine Academy 23.5% of 11,794 alumni (2,776 donors)

·         Military Academy 22.2% of 52,128 alumni (11,575 donors)

·         Naval Academy 11.1% of 54,480 alumni (6,058 donors)

·         Coast Guard Academy 11.1% of 11,608 alumni (1,284 donors)

·         Air Force Academy 4.61% of 48,401 alumni (2,232 donors)

West Point Class of ’77 finished 4th (49.16%in participation among all 83 West Point Classes.  Good Job.  This is impressive.  The current class participation goal is 77%.  This would be an AAC record. 

b) Enemy Forces (listed in capability order)

1) United States Merchant Marine Academy

2) United States Naval Academy

3) United States Coast Guard Academy

4) United States Air Force Academy

c) Friendly Forces.

1) All USMA Alumni from 83 classes

2) USMA Class of 1977

2. Mission: 77% class participation!

3. Execution.

a) Concept of Operation.

1) Scheme of maneuver.  Over the period May 16 to May 20 donate at least $5.00 and you will drive our participation rate higher.  Other potential donations could be $77 or $19.77.

2) Formation. Full frontal assault!

3) Route.  The route to donate is this button All Academy Challenge   Click this button to participate and view the real time leaderboard.  You will be given the option of several funds to contribute to.  A primary fund to consider is our 1977 Class Gift Fund. 

4) Tactical Missions to subordinate Units: Maintain situational awareness and encourage our classmate friends to participate.

b) Coordinating Instructions.  When you donate please consider donating in honor of one of our fallen Classmates.   Priorities to consider would be regimental/company classmates.  A complete list of our fallen 1977 classmates is at Annex B.   If you donate and honor a classmate, the AOG will send a letter to our classmates family to tell them that their family member has been remembered and honored.

4. Service Support.

a)  Official participation results are tabulated by original cadet companies. 

5. Command and Signal.

a) Signal.

1) Frequencies and Call Signs.

·         1977 class forum.  If you are not a member of our 1977 class forum, email Allen Light and put Subscribe in the subject line.

·         USMA AOG. If you are not a member of the USMA AOG go to this link and join.  West Point Association of Graduates (

·         USMA class of 1977 Facebook homepage. If you are not a member of USMA class of 1977 Facebook homepage go to this link and sign up.  (This is a private group with 440 members, you will have to ask permission to join)

2) Pyrotechnics and Signals.

·         Daily sitreps and updates will be sent

·         A class of 1977 Spirit video/skit shown below! Despite the high quality of this video, no professional actors were used in the skit.

b) Command.

1) Command Leader Location.  The AOG will lead, coordinate and report results on a daily basis.  In case you are not a member of our class forum or USMA AOG you will only be updated by me.   Daily AAC results are located at this link  All Academy Challenge  

2) Chain of Command: AOG, 1977 Class Lead: Mike Johnson,  4th Regiment Lead: John Shephard, C4 Lead: Steve Collier

Annex A: Class invitation by Pete Selleck. Click on attached video.  Class Spirit Video created by Mike Johnson and David Anselmi:


Annex B: 1977 fallen members of the Long Grey Line.  Grip hands.

Alan B. Becker
David L. Bolte
James G. Brecher
Gilbert R. Collins
Peter J. Comodeca
Robert S. Cowan
Daniel P. Doede
Robert M. Evans
Jody A. Fink
Kenneth M. Franklin
Trent R. Frederickson
Randal L. Gehler
Richard S. Grammier
Clifford H. Harris
Thomas G. Hesse
Andrew J. Hill
Matthew M. Holm
Steven J. Hoogland
James A. Hubbard
Herman N. Iorio
Alexander F. Janisz
William G. Johnson
Kevin G. Kelly
Christopher F. Kurek
Edward M. Lawnick
Scott T. Lofgren
John J. Luther
Timothy D. Lynch
Reginald B. McFadden
Roger V. McMaster
James E. McShea
Robert L. Mitchell
Jesus L. Olivo
Andrew E. Pehonsky
John J. Powers
Joseph F. Santilli
Michael A. Sheehan
James D. Skopek
Richard E. Stinner
Kevin W. Trehey
Blair M. Turner
James K. Whiteman
Jeffrey P. Whitman
Earl M. Yerrick