All Academy Challenge 2021 – 19 May update

Only one and a butt days to go.  USMA is still (barely) staying ahead of USMMA for the overall lead: All Academy Challenge

USMA 1977 is in a strong 2nd position among all the other USMA classes, but the class of 1972 is in the lead by a fair amount.  I’m hoping some of you were just waiting to jump in at the last minute and tip the scales.  Well, it’s about that time.  Please remember it only takes $5 to be counted.

USMA class standings are here: West Point (  As I type this, we have 324 donors.  We have 17 companies at or over 50% in participation, and our class as a whole surpassed 50% a few hours after the below graphic was generated (at 1700 EDT).