Connect with classmates

Ways to stay connected with classmates.

Company specific  Any posts associated with specific plebe companies will be reachable via these links (posts only exist for BOLD entries).  If there are no posts, do you have news to share via your company ‘scribe’?

A-1 B-1 C-1 D-1 E-1 F-1 G-1 H-1 I-1
A-2 B-2 C-2 D-2 E-2 F-2 G-2 H-2 I-2
A-3 B-3 C-3 D-3 E-3 F-3 G-3 H-3 I-3
A-4 B-4 C-4 D-4 E-4 F-4 G-4 H-4 I-4



Class mailing lists — click below to join one or all:

  • The official class mailing list (FOUO): Join via Web form
  • The chatty USMA1977-forum – Join via Web form (this list is for non-political/non-religious discussions among classmates)
  • The controversial USMA1977-polysci list: Web form (for political/religious discussions)

AOG website — register and keep your email address/contact info up to date, and lookup contact info for others.

WP AOG Grad Link/Sallyport — website AND mobile phone app. – make sure your email address is current and that you have listed yourself as associated with USMA West Point class of 1977.

Lost classmates per the AOG — help these folks reconnect with the AOG (login required).

Classmates who are no longer with us — unfortunately, our ranks are dwindling.