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Recent posts:

  • Happy 44th!
    Greetings USMA77 Classmates!! Two days ago was the 77th anniversary of D-Day and today is the 44th anniversary of our graduation on the Plain.  Wishing you all a happy day of remembrance!  Esprit de Corps!  GoArmy!! 
  • All Academy Challenge 2021 – Final results
    USMA made a strong showing but we still came in 2nd place behind USMMA.  Maybe next year. We in USMA 1977 made a strong showing, with: 376 donors (4th place; not bad for one of the smaller classes) $160,487.52 donated (2nd place; wow) 58.20% participation (4th place, after 1972@72.73%, 1994@60.93%, and 1997@60.5%) We have not […]
  • All Academy Challenge 2021 – 19 May update
    Only one and a butt days to go.  USMA is still (barely) staying ahead of USMMA for the overall lead: All Academy Challenge USMA 1977 is in a strong 2nd position among all the other USMA classes, but the class of 1972 is in the lead by a fair amount.  I’m hoping some of you […]