Draft Itinerary for our 40th Reunion

Draft itinerary for our 40th reunion October 5 – 8, 2017.   We hope you’ll join us.

Greetings USMA77 Classmates!   

There have been several requests for a Reunion Agenda. Please find below a rough (say again, rough) draft itinerary of the weekend.  This will be finalized in the May/June time frame so there is plenty of time for your input and suggestions.

Know that the fall/winter Corps Squad schedules are months away from being announced.  We will ask for consideration to schedule home Rugby, Sprint and Hockey games if at all possible, with our commitment to support these events by our attendance.  Thanks for your support and your suggestions!
Esprit de Corps!

rich trotter
usma77, F-1/G-1

Preliminary itinerary in progress (very rough draft)

Thursday  5 October

  • Golf outing
  • Thayer Award Parade (tentatively scheduled pending the awardee’s availability)
  • Reception at the Thayer Hotel

Friday 6 October– Activities centered around entire class gatherings

  • Morning – Memorial Service
  • Ike Hall luncheon
  • Academy and Class updates
  • Banquet at Ike Hall

Saturday 7 October

  • Morning Class Picture around the Class Tree (see pic below of our tree surrounded by Jim & Diane Malcolm’s children)
  • Meetings with Center of Oral History; Tours of Barracks
  • 3 Meals at the Mess Hall
  • Possible River Boat Cruise option
  • Tailgate at Corps Squad events in the afternoon pending schedules; hopeful for Rugby and Sprint during the day, hockey at night followed by walk down the hill to the Thayer for late night beers and fellowship, then rack.
  • Company centric opportunities on and off post.

Sunday 8 October

  • Final farewells
  • Breakfast Buffet in the Mess Hall (I have been assured the meals are slightly better at Sunday morning buffets…).  
  • Hotel Thayer Champagne Breakfast by reservation.

Click here to view and download updated available lodging opportunities and information.

Looking forward to a great Legacy Reunion!
Esprit de Corps!