BG Sutherland would be proud …

Alden “Smitty” Bradstock – His Destiny (fiction)

Clyde Cocke – Pass in Review (non-fiction)

James Carafano – multiple non-fiction titles

JM Herriott – Nightmares of Reality / The  Immigrant (fiction)

John Antal – multiple non-fiction titles

Jose Campo – Wisdom from the Corner (non-fiction)

Lance Betros – Carved from Granite (non-fiction)

Lee Jackson – Curse the Moon – Cold War Rising (fiction)

Len Shartzerincluded in A Common Bond: A Veterans Chapbook (compilation)

Rick Lynch – Adapt or Die (non-fiction)

Mark Gillespie – included in A Common Bond: A Veterans Chapbook (compilation) and Former Yugoslavia Handbook

John Burdan – The Road to Safwan

Michael Doubler – Closing With the Enemy: How GIs Fought the War in Europe, 1944-1945

Joe Prall – The Narrow Way

Jerry Taliaferro – Women Of A New Tribe


If you know of any other authors, please comment here and provide website references to their works.

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